What is SafeGolf and how does my club achieve it?

SafeGolf is a partnership of UK golf bodies committed to promoting a safe and positive environment for all those participating, working and volunteering in the sport of golf.

The SafeGolf partnership consists of members from the golfing bodies across Great Britain & Ireland and has been established to help golf respond to the issue of child protection in sport.

Its mission is to safeguard the welfare of children and young people, as well as adults at risk, in the sport of golf. This will be achieved through a unique partnership which has the ability to influence and act as advocate for safeguarding across the golfing landscape, developing a consistent approach towards ensuring that all people have a fun, safe and positive experience when playing golf.

SafeGolf is firstly, a website – www.safegolf.org – through which anyone with a concern about the welfare of a player, or the behaviour or practice of a coach, volunteer, organiser, parent or a player, can contact the lead safeguarding officer at their national governing body.

Secondly, it is the safeguarding standard England Golf will promote to all their affiliated clubs to ensure all clubs provide a safe and positive experience to children and young people whilst playing golf.

How does my club achieve SafeGolf accreditation?

If your club is currently Golfmark accredited then not to worry your club has met the SafeGolf standard by completing this process.

If your club hasn’t completed Golfmark then you will need to do two things:

- Be affiliated to England Golf

- Apply for Golfmark and complete the Safeguarding section, in full.

Please note you do not have to complete the full Golfmark standard. Once the Safeguarding section is complete your Club Support Officer will review and sign the standard off and your club will be awarded SafeGolf accreditation.