To achieve GolfMark, golf clubs will be asked to meet a series of ‘essential requirements’, detailed under each of the four sections; recruitment and retention, coaching and competitions, management and sustainability and safeguarding, with support from a local officer.

Getting Started

To start the process, your club will need to register your details by clicking on 'Apply'.  Once registered your club will have access to the online system and supporting resources.

England Golf will send your club a welcome pack.  Your County Officer will then be in contact to discuss GolfMark and to arrange a visit to come and meet with your club.

Working towards

During the club visit, your Officer will talk your club through the process, club analysis and online system.

Your club should start to work through the four online Club Analysis sections, uploading evidence as appropriate.  Golf clubs are asked to meet a number of ‘essential requirements’  in the 4 areas which are a set of standards which are aligned to Sport England’s Clubmark criteria.   

GolfMark is intended to be used as an ongoing improvement tool to help clubs to develop and progress. To support this process clubs are asked to complete benchmarking information before being awarded and at each annual review to help identify the clubs current position and monitor progress over time. 

Once completed, the analysis and Benchmarking data should be submitted to your Club Support Officer for review.

Support will be available to achieve GolfMark through your Club Support Officer plus there are a variety of signposts/links in place online, to help direct clubs to guidance and resources from England Golf and appropriate partners.

Your Club Support Officer will review the questions and evidence submitted and upon completion will arrange to visit the club again to complete your annual Action Plan.

Upon Award

Upon completion of your Action Plan and once signed off and your club will be awarded GolfMark (incorporating Clubmark) and will receive a GolfMark certificate and plaque.

At 12 and 24 months your club will be asked to submit your updated Action Plan and Benchmarking data to your Officer to ensure standards are still in place.  Your club will be asked to re-complete the Club Analysis, Benchmarking and Action Plan at three years, supported by your Club Support Officer to become re-awarded GolfMark (incorporating Sport England's Clubmark).