Being awarded GolfMark accreditation can deliver real value to your club’s present and future business.  As a single, national standard, GolfMark provides clubs with structure and direction in order to have a positive impact on four key areas of business.

Once awarded GolfMark the benefits the club will receive includes, branding leading to enhanced credibility and awareness, Professional support allowing for continuous business improvement, access to training opportunities for your club staff and volunteers ultimately leading to more members at your golf club.

GolfMark branding = enhanced credibility

Upon award England Golf will supply you with a GolfMark branding package including:

  • A GolfMark plaque & certificate
  • GolfMark & England Golf logos
  • Web banners

GolfMark branding = better awareness

Upon award England Golf will supply you with a marketing pack to support the use of the GolfMark brand;

  • A template news release to announce the attainment of the award
  • An email list of local press contacts
  • Assistance increasing your clubs social media presence using the support of England Golf's Twitter and Facebook audiences
  • A press release to local media
  • GolfMark beer mats highlighting features of GolfMark

Professional support = continuous business improvement

Upon award England Golf can provide access to a number of business tools for GolfMark clubs including:

  • A new online system making it easier for clubs to complete each stage of the process
  • Receive a 50% discount on our Understanding your Market reports. Understand the characteristics of your clubs membership and how this compares to the local catchment area. In addition, discover potential golfers within your community. 

Access to funding

  • Many funding bodies state that applicants must be Clubmark accredited before support is considered (GolfMark is Sport England’s equivalent award).